Johann Von Beethoven : The Greatest Paradox Of The Realm Of Music

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In Bonn, on December of 1770, a child was born to a lower middle class Finnish couple; Johann and Maria. Given the name Ludwig after his grandfather, a choirmaster, this child would grow to continue the name of the musically inclined Beethoven family, and eventually supersede its reputation with his own genius. As a deaf composer and musician, Ludwig von Beethoven is one of the greatest paradoxes in the realm of music. From his upbringing, his triumph over his disability, and his world renowned success in music, it is still proclaimed that he is one of the most influential and well known classical musicians in the world. At the ripe age of eight under his father’s wing, Beethoven made his first concert debut playing a small portion of a…show more content…
Being so busy for a child his age, he took a step that many of us would only dream of doing and left school to focus on his passion; music. For his next step, he learned the organ from Brother Willibald Koch in Bonn at the Franciscan monastery and was soon accepted as his assistant. Continuing with his training with the organ, he later studied under the organist of the Münsterkirche, Zenser. Finally, by 1783 he was proficient enough to seek paid appointments and in 1794 he was appointed assistant organist at court. Also among Beethoven’s teachers, though later in his life, were Johann Georg Albrechtsberger, an organist at the imperial court in Vienna whom he studied under until 1795, and Antonio Salieri; Mozart’s old rival whom Beethoven learned vocal composition in the same period he was studying under Albrechtsberger. Before Albrechtsberger and Salieri was a man named Haydn, whom he studied under for a period of about three years starting in 1792 until 1794 when Haydn moved to London. It is said that Beethoven admired Haydn so much that he was the only man he had ever bent his knee to kiss the hand of. Finally, Beethoven studied under Aloys Forster, a specialist in writing scores for quartets. It is plane to see that throughout his life, his talent was not only constructed through his love of music, but forged by his exposure to multiple mediums and teachings throughout his life. Though slightly dramatized and perhaps a bit

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