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Johannes Brahms was a German Composer, Pianist and conductor of the 19th century or the Romantic period. He was one of the 3 B?s or the Big three: Bach, Beethoven and Brahms. Johannes was a very self-critic man he burned many of his pieces before he could get anyone?s opinion on them and he burned all of his compositions that he wrote before the age of 19. Johannes Brahms was born on Tuesday 7th may 1833, in the city of Hamburg the birthplace also of Mendelssohn. Johann Brahms was himself a musician, and played the double bass for a time at the Karl Schultze Theatre, and later in the Stadttheater orchestra. In 1847 Johannes attended a good Burgerschule (citizens? school), and in 1848 a better, that of one Hoffmann. When he was eight…show more content…
When Johannes was in his tenth year he had made such remarkable progress that Cossel thought it best to secure a more advanced instructor. He was thus put under the care of Eduard Marxsen (Cossel?s own teacher), the royal music director at Altona, who took him unwillingly at first, but with whom he remained for a number of years. When he was eleven years of age Johannes made his first appearance as a pianist [at a private subscription concert in which his father also took part, given with the idea of collecting funds for his future education. He played the piano parts in a Mozart Quartet and in Beethoven?s Quintet for wind instruments and piano, with such success that a speculative impresario wished to engage him for a concert tour that was to take him as far as America. About the age of twelve he came entirely under the tuition of Marxsen, who, finding him incorrigible in his desire to improve compositions at the piano, soon began to teach him theory. But in order to be able to continue these lessons, it was imperative that he should earn at least part of his keep at home, where funds were always distressingly low, thus before he was fourteen he was obliged, for want of a more congenial occupation, to play the piano at sailor?s taverns and dancing saloons, often very late at night and always in a far from healthy atmosphere. On his return to Hamburg he ventured, on 21st September 1848, to give a concert on his own account for the first
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