Johannes Gutenberg Importance

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ly all of present day society, from the most basic forms of education to the most complex influences of a democratic government, owe their existence to a simple man with a simple plan. Johannes Gutenberg, a son of a Noble German family, found himself in an era very different from that of our modern society. Prior to the mid-fifteenth century, nearly all forms of literature were kept out of the hands of the common man by the scarcity of written word on paper and the cost to acquire mere small pieces of text. These two factors were mainly a result of the painstaking nature of duplicating texts and drawings, which required a highly skilled scribe to measure and mirror the style of the original work to another surface. Thus, libraries and book collections were privileges almost exclusively reserved for the…show more content…
Beginning at this point, people were starting to seek out any piece of text they could in order to see what it could offer. Likely seeing a way to profit off this rising and favorable demand for literature, Gutenberg set out to simplify the process and increase the rate at which books could be produced. Basing his original concepts on a combination of Chinese movable type printing and the early modern wine press, he had his first start towards revolutionizing the printing process. What followed was a series of his own innovations that helped refine the process of putting ink to paper in every stage. Using his background as a goldsmith, the movable type he created was not the wood so commonly seen on earlier presses, but rather a tin and lead based alloy that had the durability, precision, and ease of production so desperately needed to make his idea work. In addition, the invention of a system that allowed for quick and consistent application of ink to the type blocks furthered the capability of his press in assisting the beginnings of the mass production of
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