Johannes Van Den Bosch Sends an E Mail Essay

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Total mark: ________/15 A. Case introduction (describe relevant case background and scope of analysis): The case is about an email between two partners of BigFiveFirm.The partner in Holland asked the one in Mexico to give some information required (such as the Mexican subsidiary’s IAS financials) to him “today” because the British client is very unhappy with the delays.The email is “stick to facts”. Scope of analysis: B. List critical management issues that need to be solved in order to achieve the specified goal: Lack of Communication or inappropriate way of Communication 2.Establish Relationship and Trust 3.Clarify Responsibility and Authority 4.Different attitudes toward planning C. List the most critical issue…show more content…
Besides,Mexican is a country with large power distance.So it may be acceptable for Pablo Menendez to take orders from somebody in an equal position. It seemed like a “Boss-to-staff” email in Pablo Menendez’s perspective and that is the main reason why he might feel angry.But Hollanders do not think like that,they believe their society is quite equal (small power distance) and so it is appropriate to give tasks to equal person. G. Design an effective solution to your most critical issue, justified with insights from your cultural analysis in F. Explain how your solution will make the achievement of the goal (see p. 1) possible. Explain how it will be handled by each key player and why the solution will be accepted by them (use conclusions from your cultural analysis described above to justify the feasibility and effectiveness of the proposed solution). First of all,Johannes Van Den Bosch and Pablo Menendez should learn and understand each other’s cultural backgrounds ,especially for Johannes Van Den Bosch.They can attend some courses or reading some books to achieve that goal. Then,they have to communicate more and through more effective ways(like face-to-face meeting or have some social activities together),not just through emails. Besides that,Johannes Van Den Bosch should be more gentle in emails,try

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