Johari Window Analysis Essay

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Leadership skills and JoHari Window Analysis Keuka College Huicong Chen MGT-510-MI004 Leadership Professor Yang Zhao 12/09/2012 Table of contents Introduction---------------------------------------------------------------------------------3 Knowing themselves is the first step of leadership-------------------------------4 JoHari Window Analysis-----------------------------------------------------------------5 Open area--------------------------------------------------------------------------------5 Blind area---------------------------------------------------------------------------------7 Hidden area------------------------------------------------------------------------------7 Unknown…show more content…
Knowing themselves is the first step of leadership As any other relationship, the most basic and important factor of leadership is trust. Leaders need to make their followers trust them and willing to follow them. In order to achieve this, leaders need to have self-confident and trust themselves first. Everyone wants to be success. And, no one wants to follow a man who even not trusts himself. It is because followers do not believe such a man can lead them to a bright future. People are trust about what they see and feel. Followers will go far away from them if leaders feel hopeless and do not trust themselves about they can be success. And more, a leader cannot be as a leader if he or she does not have any follower. Make leaders trust themselves should have some reasons. These reasons should be feeling, ability, idea and any other leadership skills that can guide them to success. It is not only remind ‘trust myself’ thousands of times in their mind. It is also not means overconfidence and never considers about others’ advices. ‘Who you are?’ is the key questions that can help to build self-confidence of a leader. As leaders, they need to answer the question ‘who you are’ impersonally. They need to well know about their strength and weakness timely based on the fact. After find out the truth of themselves, they can find out what opportunities and threats they have, so that they can consider deeply about how to develop

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