Johari Window Reflection

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As a pharmacy student, it is important for me to develop a deeper understanding of my own self-awareness. A way I was able to do so was by creating a Johari Window. The Johari Window exercise is designed to help people better understand themselves, as well as gain knowledge about what others think about them. This exercise consists of a person looking at a list of about fifty positive adjectives and fifty negative adjectives, and choosing five of each that best describe them. The person then has other people choose words off those lists to help them reflect upon themselves. These words can then be categorized into four sections; open, blind, hidden, and unknown. After I chose the words that I believed most describe myself, I had my mom, my…show more content…
The hidden category of my Johari Window only contained one negative trait, insecure. It is good that others do not view me as this because that means I do a good job hiding my insecurities, and I think its best if I keep this trait hidden. The Johari Window has allowed me to better understand what others think about me, both positive and negative, and I can now use this information to help me become a better pharmacist in the future. Through completing this exercise, I have been able to see how these traits relate to my previous experiences in college. I have been seen as brave by other people, a trait I had not thought to define myself as. In tough situations, I am courageous and stand up for what I believe is right, even when I am in the minority. My bravery has also allowed me to fight and strive to keep good grades in school, and make it into the pharmacy program when others doubted me. My quality of staying organized has allowed me to make time for events that are important to me and fit them into my daily life. My planner has kept me in line and allows me to balance my heavy school load, along with work, and time for family and friends. Even though I am an extremely busy person, I am always on top of things, early, and prepared. However, the flaw of being “too organized” is that often times when there is an abrupt change in my schedule I have a hard time coping with that, which is why I was described as inflexible. Although there are many things that people see
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