John 15 : 1-11 And Other Passages

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Jesus teaches his followers many life lessons that gives them a good life while they have faith in God. John 15:1-11 and other passages explains to people that Jesus is the people’s lord and savior of his disciples, who in following Jesus will give them the love and hope they need by God, Jesus Father.
In John 15:1-11, Jesus teaches his followers that if they remain in him they will have experienced spiritual success. Jesus teaches his followers the purpose of their existence on earth and what it is to be spiritually successful through fruit bearing. In Jesus final day of life, he and his disciples walk into a vineyard and he tells his disciples that he is the true vine not a true vine because there is only one true vine and there is no choosing between one (Krell, 2010). When Jesus uses “vine” he is using it to describe Israel, to describe Jesus as a deep blessing. Through this verse Jesus refers back to grape growing, and if someone cares for the grapes, they will produce good fruit. Jesus goes on saying that the “Gardener”, who is the Father, is always connected to his Son which is Jesus, who takes away and cleans all the bad habit so that more fruit can be made. If you are not cleaned you cannot bear fruit and Jesus remind His disciples in 15:3 and 15:4-5 that they have been cleaned so they can bear fruit, so they can let Christ live his life through ours. Through the rest of the verse Jesus keeps on saying that his disciples must let him into their hearts or they will…
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