John Aaronovitch 's Voodoo Histories

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This has been a very controversial topic for centuries, so David Aaronovitch decided to write his from the book Voodoo Histories, the author emphasizes that we as humans, dramatize and make up myths of how we think the story would have gone. We have this perception that there is always an answer or a reasoning for everything. He stated that we use paranoia as to make ourselves feel as though we are important and have something to say about our lives. The author viewed as the events in our lives were just a reason to be talked about but also the fear of not being talked about, is what people fear the most. He mostly uses his knowledge to inform the readers of his thoughts on conspiracy and the 21st century. point of view on this informative subject. The author values that we as the general audience dramatize everything by nature, no matter how small the stories are. He also emphasizes the word “paranoia” throughout the book, because that is what he believes the general audience will take away from the idea of conspiracy. Conspiracy can be such a conflict with how we perceive the world around us. From reading this article one can see that how we process the thought of a tragic event, we make our stories how we want them to end. That is where, David Aaronovitch argues that conspiracy does not have power but the idea of conspiracy gives it power, he supported this by using these terms: sarcastic tone, allusion, persuasive appeals, general diction, and logically organized.

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