John Adams, An American Composer Essay

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Our heart and souls at all times sense rejuvenated and lively with every beat of finest music we hear. Music comes in a variety of diverse forms which are admired and renowned for their own unique styles. Classical music is one of the breeds of musical forms that exist since many years with its visible significance in the music industry. Classical music is a part of our globe from almost 1000 years and inspires millions of people with its liveliness and simplicity. American classical music has been innovated with every single passing year, majority of the composers have added their taste and invention to further enhance the crispiness and enchanter the form of classical music. One of the most legendary and prominent composer of…show more content…
He composed his first music at the age of ten, and heard the music lyrics played in the younger days of his life when he was a teenager. He studied from the Harvard University and also joined the orchestra concerts in Boston as a result of which he was shaped as an artist and thinker which helped him in composing music. He was dedicated towards music and gained success in his path. He received two degrees from Harvard University and now lived in San Francisco Area of the Northern California, where he taught music for ten years and became a real Symphony composer; he became popular for “New and Unusual Music” which includes the Harmonium, Grand Pianola Music, Harmonielehre, My Father Knew Charles Ives, and Absolute Jest. In 1985, in collaboration with other people one of which was a poet Alice Goodman produced two operas such as Nixon in China and The Death of the King Hoffer, which gained popularity because of being played more often in the past two decades. The other of his works include are: I was looking at the Ceiling and Then I Saw The Sky, Doctor Atomic, A Flowering Tree, The Gospel According to the Other Mary, Shaker Loops, The Darma at Big Sur, Doctor Atomic Symphony, and The Son of Chamber Symphony, which were all written by him. ( Now, if I consider one of his works such as Nixon in China which is an opera by the John Adams in connection with the Alice Goodman, it gained popularity in its time, especially it was inspired by

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