John Adams And George Washington Essay

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John Adams and George Washington were two instrumental leaders during the American Revolution. Both men were quintessential to the success of the revolution in their own way. John Adams pushed the revolutionary agenda and George Washington lead the continental army. The methods for which they led our nation to success varied due to their differing leadership styles. In consequence, George Washington has gone down in History as a larger than life hero whereas John Adams has nearly been forgotten. Though both Adams and Washington rose to become influential figures during the revolution, their origins differed. Adams was born into a middle class farming family in Massachusetts. His father was a farmer/deacon who decided John should go to university and learns a noble trade. John received a formal education from Harvard and went into the admirable profession of the Law. On the other hand, George Washington, although born into a respected aristocratic Virginian family, did not receive a proper formal education because his father died before Washington was of age to study in England, as was planned. Nonetheless Washington gained knowledge from experience and observing those around him. The personal connections Washington had resulted in many job opportunities for him. Though his education was cut short by his father 's death, he still had many important mentors such as Colonial Fairfax who granted Washington with opportunity. Due to whom he knew, Washington was able to collect
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