John Adams And The Ethics Behind The Boston Massacre

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The Boston Massacre was an incident that took place on March 5, 1770 where the British Army killed five male civilians as well as injuring six others. The use of propaganda at the time led by patriots spurred hostility towards the British authority. The result of the hatred was great tension among the public as well as the death of some of the participants. Following the alarming incidence, Thomas Hutchinson, the acting governor committed himself to undertaking an inquiry, which reformed on the following day and the troops withdrew to Castle Island . The soldiers and the civilians arrested there in were arrested and charged with murder. Consequently, John Adams, a defense lawyer defended them and they were acquitted. Thus, this paper focuses on the investigative role of John Adams and the ethics behind the Boston Massacre. Following the incident, Thomas Hutchinson started the investigation process, which led to the arrest of eight soldiers and four civilians. In the investigations, the arrested soldiers and four civilians were allegedly involved in the exchange fire and were consequently charged with murder. These soldiers included Hugh White, William Wemms, William McCauley, Matthew Killroy, John Carrol, James Hartgen, Hugh Montogomery, and William Warren. Their case was brought before Justices Benjamin Lynde, Peter Oliver, Edund Troweridge, and John Cushing. The government was committed to giving the soldiers a fair trial to eliminate the grounds for retaliation from
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