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Easton Power
Spring, 2017

“Adams Family Papers: An Electronic Archive.” Adams Family Papers : An Electronic Archive The Massachusetts Historical Society. Web. 22 July 2013 This source has recognized over 1,100 different letter exchanges between John Adams and his wife Abigail. Dating from 1762 to 1801, it includes only 430 letters written from Abigail. This source states that “All letters but one is part of the Adams Family Papers of Massachusetts”. In this particularly website, the letters are divided into six sections: letters during courtship and John Adams’ early legal career, 1762 – 1774; letters during Continental Congress, 1774 – 1777; letters during his diplomatic mission to France, 1778 – 1779; letters during a diplomatic
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“Letters from John Adams to Abigail Smith”. ‎ November ‎20, ‎2012. Pg. 1.
This website gives specific letters in the order of where and when they where they were written. In the letters on this page, John gives Abigail nicknames, in order to establish scents of secrecy. These codenames included: “To the great Goddess Diana” and “Miss Adorable”. But when talking about himself he either used his real name, John Adams, or “Philander” This source also states why Abigail rarely replied do to the unknown whereabouts of John during some of his travels as a political leader.

Shuffelton. Frank. The Letters of John and Abigail Adams. Penguin Group, 2004 In this book, Shuffelton explains the many reasons John Adams wrote to Abigail so frequently. Page 4 has a statement of John Adams being very forgetful or is in fear of a topic running to a standstill if he does not talk about it. “I chiefly employ in scribbling, that my mind may not stand still or run back” Along with direct quotes from the Adams’ letters, there is an image John’s personal calendar showing where he was and when he wrote each letter to Abigail (Pgs
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The majorities of letters were composed from the three American capital cities: New York, Washington, and Boston all at different times. The book also includes short biography of Abigail Adams. Towards the middle of the book it states there is an ending to two family trees, the Quincy-Smith family of New England and the John Smith-Adams family of New York. Although the New Letters of Abigail Adams: 1788-1801 is treated as a recommended source by the National Women’s Hall of Fame and the American National Biography Online. An editor includes additions and corrections at the end. Giving of that there is several different reasons that the events could have

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