John Adams : Revolutionary Delegate

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John Adams: Revolutionary Delegate The Revolutionary Era
Dr. Paul Grady
Eric G. Shuping
April 23, 2015

John Adams: Revolutionary Delegate John Adams most fundamental political message that he used throughout his career was, “no simple Form of Government can possibly secure Men against the Violences of Power. Only a mixed government that combined the voices of the many with those of the few; that contained checks and balances within its various branches; and that clearly separated powers among those branches could ensure the freedom of the public and the liberty of the individual.” Adams was a fiery stout delegate who became an influential Founding Father to help fight and win support during the American Revolutionary War for America while serving on both Continental Congresses, leading to establish freedom for America against the British. John Adams born on October 30, 1735 in Braintree, Massachusetts to a farmer, John Adams Senior who led a life being a Congregationalist Deacon and a town councilman and his mother, Susanna Boylston Adams. Even though his father had only been a farmer and shoemaker, the Adams family tree could trace back to the first generation of Puritan settlers that established themselves in New England. Adam’s father, who is a graduate of Harvard College, encouraged him towards a career of ministry. John was able to establish himself early in school, and at age sixteen was able to earn a scholarship to Harvard graduating in…

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