John Adams : The First President Of The United States

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It was really challenged me to read this book. Also, it helps to understand America history and a biography. Before I read this book, I only knew that John Adams is the second President of the United States, and he was a smart man. However, through read this book, I have been knew many of things about John Adams.
The author McCullough not only gives credence to his thoughts on John Adams, but also allows the reader to form his own impression of man. While I am reading this book, I could feel how McCullough as much researched about John Adams investigate closely. He is a brilliant writer, under any measurement.
John Adams was a thoughtful man, and he served for the philosopher more breakthrough as a political philosophy. Adams was born in Massachusetts Bay colony, 1735. He graduated from Harvard university lawyer. He expressed his patriotism sentiments to serve for the people. John Adams was such as participating in the primary and secondary Continental Meeting of the American representative led to independence. I acknowledge that he is one of the good leaders. He was a powerful man; also he was an innocence man. “ John Adams was not a man of the world. He enjoyed no social standing. He was an awkward dancer and poor at cards. He never learned to flatter”. I like his appearance of reversal. When people think about John Adams, he has a smart and philosophical image, but this sentence pretty intense to me. It is ridiculous part of his appearance.
John Adams story is the

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