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Relationship with One Another The relationship between John Adams and Thomas Jefferson was one of the most iconic and symbolic relationships in American history not only for its many ups and downs, but also for its great effects on the founding and governing of America. Thomas Jefferson and John Adams met for the first time in 1775 and almost immediately developed a friendly liking toward each other. For the first two decades of their friendship, Jefferson and Adams constantly exchanged praises and affection to one another. Jefferson described Adams as “so amiable” that anyone would “love him if becoming acquainted.” Adams also wrote to Jefferson that “intimate correspondence with you is one of the most agreeable events in my…show more content…
This deepened conflicts between Republican Jefferson and Federalist Adams even more, for Jefferson felt like John Adams deliberately did this to beat down and erase all the works of Republicanism. Jefferson called this event “a personal displeasure.”[9] Even though Thomas Jefferson won the repeal of Judiciary Act of 1801 one year later, the friendship between him and John Adams was no longer. The dramatic friendship between Adams and Jefferson took another turn in 1812 when they finally listened to patriot and physician Benjamin Rush to reconcile their relationship, which had been suggested and encouraged by Rush for the past three years. Benjamin Rush also had a dream that Adams and Jefferson reconciled their friendship and died almost at the same time.[10] First attempt to reconcile appeared in letters in 1813 when Jefferson looked back at French Revolution and admitted that Adams had been right. In 1789, Adams had envisioned that the French Revolution would be a long-lasting and bloody war. He had also predicted that the Great Britain would win the European supremacy over France. Both these predictions later came to be true. Jefferson’s acknowledgment of Adams’ correct anticipation was unlike every bitter thing he had said about Adams before, which showed Jefferson’s courage and honesty in trying to understand Adams and restore their friendship.[11] In 14 years from 1812 to 1826, they exchanged 158 letters to one another.[12] Just like Benjamin Rush

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