John Adams and the Coming of the Revolution Essay

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In the story "John Adams and the Coming of the Revolution”, author David McCullough discusses how John Adams was asked to defend the British soldiers in court of the soldier’s accusation of man slaughter, following the Boston Massacre. Being such a problematic case that could ruin his reputation, John Adams accepted to defend the soldiers because of his experience in difficult cases, and his strong principles and beliefs. John Adam’s reputation did not even tarnish because of how skillfully he handled the case gaining the respect of the people of Boston. John Adams was asked to defend the soldiers and their captain in court the day after the shootings. The soldiers had the odds against them. They were in an American court, with an…show more content…
In the end, verdict found six out of eight of the soldiers not guilty. Only two of the soldiers were guilty of manslaughter. The reaction of the verdict was angry, but no riots occurred. Although he took a lot of criticism, John Adams became more respected in the long run. With such passion to stand up for what is right, John Adams’s reputation grew rapidly. He was known for defending what he believed in, and establishing the principal that everyone deserves a fair trial, whether you are innocent or guilty of the crime. This led him to be elected as a representative to the Massachusetts legislature. Out of all the cases John Adams, admitted that it was one of the most exhausting cases, but also one of the best pieces of services he ever did for his country. It is easily safe to say that John Adams was prideful about this case, and his strong principles and beliefs about a fair trial chose him to take this case on, and remain one of the most respected men in his
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