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John Adams: Join or Die The title of the show I watched was Join or Die, a part of the John Adams series shown on HBO in 2008. The director of this series was Tom Hooper, who won an Emmy Award in 2006 for his directing of another miniseries. The major stars of Join or Die in the John Adams series were: Paul Giamatti (playing John Adams), Laura Linney (playing Abigail Adams), and Danny Huston (playing Samuel Adams). This series gives insight into John Adams’ life in a modern perspective. In the episode Join or Die, everything starts at the point of the Boston Massacre, due to the Coercive Acts, and most of the hour is spent on debating and choosing sides in court. After the event occurs, John Adams is asked to represent the English…show more content…
I loved this episode of the series because of its detail and portrayal of John Adams not only as a hero, but also as an average family man. I never had a moment of boredom watching this because I am extremely interested in this era of United States History. John Adams and his role in American independence is one of my favorite things, which is exactly why I chose this to watch. Join or Die in the John Adams series does not relate at all to Birth of a Nation except for the fact that there was violence involved in both the Boston Massacre and in the KKK’s opposition to black freedom. These two movies/shows are extremely different not only in the times they were set in, but also in the attitude they were portrayed. The John Adams series is portrayed in a positive light, while Birth of a Nation has a negative stance on its issue. The John Adams series is a great thing to watch, and I would recommend it to anyone, especially in this class. It is definitely one of the least painful to watch, not to mention I found it extremely interesting and historically correct. Compared to Birth of a Nation, it is like heaven. Join or Die must be only one of the greatly detailed episodes on John Adams’ fascinating life

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