John Allen Muhammad 's Life And Military History, Marital Issues, And Personality Traits

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John Allen Muhammad, along with his partner Lee Boyd Malvo, carried out a series of murders in the Metropolitan D.C. area in October of 2002. Armed with a high powered sniper rifle, Muhammad and his underage accomplice murdered 10 people and wounded three others over the course of 20 days. Muhammad and Malvo targeted civilians going about their everyday lives in a series of seemingly random attacks. This included people filling their car up with gas, exiting gas stations, and mowing the lawn. With no clear and apparent reason for these murders, Muhammed and Malvo caused panic throughout the country and shut down the D.C. area as authorities tried to identify and capture the suspects. John Allen Muhammad’s early life, military history, marital issues, and personality traits give insight as to why he would commit such violent crimes.
The D.C. Sniper attacks began on October 2nd, 2002. The attacks were categorizes by the fact that the killings occurred in the metropolitan D.C. area. The victims were randomly selected and were of different genders, ages, and race. These serial murders were highly publicised with constant news coverage of the hunt for the killers. Events were cancelled out of fear, and people even hid as they pumped gas. ”Ordinary people doing ordinary things were transformed into targets, the suburbs into a shooting range. Seven people fell during the first three days of the sniper 's attack. "Killed while sitting on a park bench," "killed while walking
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