John Aquinas Is The Most Important Aspect Of The Common Good

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Thomas Aquinas believes that killing is wrong and that it does not generate the common good because it goes against nature. Yet, humans kill animals to survive and further, animals kill one another as well as to survive. Killing for survival should not be against the common good because it is a part of nature and the common good of one’s own species. Ayn Rand on the other hand, is an egoist and believes that our moral concerns should at least primarily be for ourselves. However, by only focusing on ourselves we forget about the common good, which is what Aquinas believes is the most important aspect. Aquinas beliefs are too focused on the common good whereas Rand’s beliefs are too selfish. Combining the beliefs of the common good with an egoistic approach would be more suited for humans to generate a greater good for humans.
Aquinas was a follower of Aristotle and believed in the common good over evil and his works were influenced by Aristotle but with a Christian twist to it. To Aquinas, moral goodness is the most important aspect of human nature and it is what leads human beings to act as they do, which is Aquinas’ view on the law of human nature. According to Pojman and Tramel (2009), Aquinas says that ”good should be done and promoted, and evil is to be avoided” (p.21), which means that the common good is in everyone’s best interest and avoiding evil is as well. All humans ought to do what is best for nature. Nature is something that has not been modified by humans
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