John B. Watson: Article Analysis

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In 1913 John B. Watson wrote a article titled 'Psychology as the behaviorist views it', that particular article started what is now known as the "behaviorist movement". Watson realized that both humans and animals have specific ways of acting depending on the environment they were raised in and how they were conditioned for example a lion who was raised in captivity would act differently than a lion that was born in the wild. He believed that everything is learned rather than just known to human and animals, Ulric Neisser believed differently. In 1967, Neisser came up with cognitive psychology. Neisser concluded that some things such as mental illness's are not learned and just come naturally. In the last couple of decades that both behaviorism…show more content… Since you are unconscious while all of this is happening it is a example of cognitive psychology. There has also been other studies that cognitive psychology has helped people learn while they were asleep. According to Daniel Erlacher there have been studies although not scientifically proven that showed that people who practiced throwing coins into a coffee cup while lucid dreaming did better than those who did not practice. Now while people can learn to dream lucidly using behaviorism it is also something that can be done unwillingly, so therefore it is cognitive. Over all I myself believe that both theories can be followed when it comes to a student learning while they are asleep. The scientific studies have showed that a person can comprehend information better after learning about it then sleeping which is behaviorism since the information has already been previously learned but since the student is in a comatose it is also a part of cognitive
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