John B Watson Father Of Behaviourism

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John Broadus Watson was an American Psychologist, who founded the psychological school of behaviourism. He was born on the 9th of January 1878 and later died on the 25th of September 1958, aged eighty. It has been portrayed that his childhood was not only difficult but also very unstable. This was due to his violent father, who walked out on Watson’s mother and their children, which included thirteen year old Watson (Hothersall, 1984). Watson is not only referred to as the ‘father of behaviourism’ but is also one of the most well-known psychologists of our past. He contributed greatly to the world of psychology although his behaviourism gradually took a turn for the worst and eventually declined. In 1957, a year before his death, Watson was …show more content…

It excludes subjective phenomena such as emotions or motives. It is also called behavioural psychology (Atkinson and Hilgard). John B. Watson is at present day known as ‘the father of behaviourism’. He longed for psychology to study only observable behaviours and forget about the study of the conscious mind. His primary rationale was that only observable events are verifiable thus meaning that they are the only events that can be proven false. Watson believed this to be a substantially crucial concept for science and without it; no one could one find out what really is true or false. He stood out as a psychologist as his main aspirations and beliefs were: that psychology must restrict itself to the data of the natural sciences to what can be observed- behaviour, he proposed to eliminate consciousness and the use of introspection in psychology and his main desire for psychology as a whole was the prediction and control of behaviour. Watson also believed that the study of animals was relevant because of the evolutionary continuity of life forms. This is obvious through his countless experiments with rats. It is portrayed to us that he found studying babies to be most effective. This was due to their inability to speak thus not ruining experiments through

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