John B. Watson 's Theories Of Emotions

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John B. Watson’s main career was that of a behaviorist with a goal to understand and predicate what factors could be associated to human behavior. Consciousness and the notion of introspection did not interest him which, depicted a man who knew where his passion resided (Hergenhahn & Henley, 2014). However, he did explore the concept of emotions and derived his own views concerning them, in particular their hereditary nature. Watson theorized how emotions are interconnected to external situations which, steered him into conducting research to support his views. As I researched Watson’s stances related to emotion, I was in agreement regarding some of his ideas, but my contrast in viewpoints stem from my Christian faith. In Watson’s article titled, A Schematic Outline of the Emotions, he relayed the difficulty of deriving a concrete definition for the concept of emotions, but very much believed that humans were designed to experience them. He researched how emotions could elicit intense changes to a body’s physiological state, causing possible inward and/or outward physical reactions. An example would be a rise in muscular activity to make it possible for the body to react if need be which, has been termed as fight or flight instincts. Overall, Watson believed that emotions provided benefits, as well as character to people’s personality (Watson, 1919). Watson also believed emotions were inherent and noticeable during infancy which, he compared the similarity to the…

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