John Berger

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Many types of paintings exist in the world. While many are old, others are relatively new and therefore are less famous. An original piece is the sum of an artist’s life’s work, often containing a story unique to the viewer. Art is a language, a snapshot of history, created by the artist. In a sense, the artist is an author, who makes a point, or showcases certain hardships and tragedies. The author has built a various network of roads, and the viewer is following the roads that suit their own journey through the artwork. Where these paintings are original and unique, many artists make copies of these paintings, known as reproductions. In John Berger's Ways of Seeing, Berger states that reproductions detract from the value of the paintings…show more content…
Some paintings by modern artists are practically worthless as the artist is not famous, therefore there is no demand for the paintings. The original paintings before replicas were once “The uniqueness of the place where [the painting] resided, sometimes the painting was transportable. But it could never be seen 2 places at once.” (Berger 114). The painting was only ever seen in one place, and therefore was unique and valuable, however, with reproductions, the same painting could be seen in any household devaluing the artwork according to Berger. Berger believes that the painting is now worth less because it can be seen in more places than the one place where the original resides, and therefore, can be seen by more people. However, a very famous painting, “The Virgin and Child with St. Anne and St. John the Baptist… Now it hangs in a room by itself. The room is like a chapel. The drawing is behind bullet-proof Perspex… It has become impressive… because of its market value.” (Berger 110). This painting has many reproductions, and yet it is required to be housed in its own room behind bullet-proof glass due to its immense value. This in my opinion is more valuable now than it was as more people will want the painting bringing the price and therefore the value of the painting
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