John Bowlby : An Attachment Theory

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However one person can not provide everything a growing child needs and children can form close attachments with a number of people. These emotional bonds that children develop with their parents and other caregivers are vital for their personal, social and emotional development.
A child with secure attachment feels able to rely on their parents and caregivers for safety and comfort and uses these important attachment relationships as bases from which they explore and learn about the world. John Bowlby (1907-90) has made an attachment theory. He believed that relationships are a key to meeting the emotional needs of children. He has suggested that babies need a strong stable relationship with their main careers to be emotionally confident in the adulthood. Also his later developed theory described that the main carer did not have to be the person with whom a child form the attachment. In my opinion his theory is correct as babies do need the stable relationship and the love to feel safe and secure and if they do not get that it would affect their development because not giving baby the love and attention they need is classed as neglecting which could affect all the aspects of development and then lead the baby to grow into unhappy adult. Psychologist Mary Ainsworth has developed an assessment technique called the Strange Situation Classification (SSC) in order to examine how attachments might differ between children; it was done by observing a child in a series of eight
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