John Bowlby 's Theory Of Attachment

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According to Smith et al (2011) the most dramatic developmental changes occur in the prenatal development, infancy and childhood, as new-borns develop into young adulthood capable of becoming a parent themselves. This assignment will discuss the developmental stage of a chosen child scenario and apply to John Bowlby’s theory of attachment. It will also discuss the key safeguarding issues within the child scenario and how they could have been prohibited.


The chosen child scenario for this assignment is Paul (see appendix). Paul is six years of age and is the middle child of three, as well as the only boy. Paul is neglected compared to his siblings who receive all the attention from their parents. His parents treat him poorly, by calling him stupid, comparing him to his siblings and making him feel like he is lacking something. His parents ignore him; make fun of his appearance, blame him for the fights the children have, and exclude him out from the presents and treats the children receive. Due to his parent’s verbal abuse and mistreatment, Paul is now living up to his parent’s expectation of him being a troublemaker, as well as being an awkward child.

I chose this scenario because I feel strongly about the mistreatment Paul is receiving. Paul is only six years old, and instead of his parents giving him the love, support, and emotional attachment he needs, they maltreat him. Due to this Paul well later on grow up to become what his parents predicted that he…
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