John Brown : An American Abolitionist Essay

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John Brown is an American Abolitionist who believed in abolishing slavery across the nation through killing any southern slaveholder or supporter that comes in his path. It is believed that he had a plan to gather all the free slaves and rebel against the southern states, but his rebellion never made it that far. His rebellion started in Kansas in 1855 and ended in December 1858 at Harpers Ferry leading to him being convicted and hung for his crimes. John Brown had one motive that made him do these so called “crimes” by justifying his actions as obedience to a just god (31). This is the same reason today 's terrorist do their acts of terrorism and his actions make me see him as a terrorist.
John Brown was taught by his father that while slavery did have an upside as to the invention of the cotton gin, it was still a sin in the eyes of god (4). Being told this by his father growing up, put this idea that slavery is bad and has a slight jump in his journey into becoming an abolitionist because constantly being told something will make you only see things one way, leading to him wanting to put an end to slavery. Owen and his son John Brown, stayed with a landlord when Owen won a contract to provide beef for the man. During the night John witnessed a young slave around his age get beat with a shovel right in front of his eyes traumatizing him (4). This is when he claimed to be transformed into “a most determined Abolitionist” and declared “eternal war” with slavery (4). Brown
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