John Brown 's A Hero

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John Brown Essay
What John Brown did was crazy and was suicidal; he did it because he knew the purpose of it and the after effect of it. After the Harpers Ferry revolt Brown said that he doesn’t feel no guilt for his actions. He knew what people would characterize him as and he just doesn’t care. He knows what affect and toll it would take on people to see their own kind to stand up and fight for equality of a different race. Most people would think he’s crazy, but actually he’s just trying to fight for justice to end slavery because what he believes that is right.
The reason why I say he 's a hero not a terrorist is because if you define a terrorist and line it up with what John Brown believes in and what he wanted to accomplish then you would think he 's a hero also. See people got to remember the Harpers Ferry revolt wasn 't the only slave revolt John Brown was apart of, he was also apart of other attacks in different places. For example in his "Conversation: Patriot or Terrorist" it says " During what became known as the Pottawatomie Massacre and the Battle of Osawatomie, Brown assumed the role of abolitionist leader and led violent attacks against proponents of slavery." See that he wasn 't just apart of one revolt and one attack like Osama Bin Laden was "no" he was part of a couple attacks and battles. His mission was to free slaves and make the economy and country better by allowing everyone to be treated equal and have equal rights. Like what we have sort of
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