John Bunyan's Pilgrim Progress

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The story Pilgrim Progress, authored by John Bunyan is an exceptional story. Pilgrim Progress is a perfect example of an allegory story and it has been more widely read than any other book except the Bible of course. This book simply displays the battle between saving your soul or gaining the whole world and losing your soul. Bunyan started writing this story while she was in prison because of illegally preaching. This book displays so many struggles that we as Christians come across, it makes it relatable to the reader. As quoted in the story, “The English of the book is pure and strong; but its great power lies neither in its English nor in the perfection of the allegory but in the fact that in picturing his own religious struggles, Bunyan pictured those of other men as well.”(Pg. VII) Each character mentioned in this story is an example of an allegory because they represent something in this world. The characters I think that make a good allegory is: Christian and Faithful. Christian is a marvelous illustration of an allegory because his character represents every man struggle getting into Heaven. After Christian realized that the city he…show more content…
Their friendship represents the sweet friendship enjoyed by Christians. Christian and Faithful had a great expedition together until they enter the town of Vanity Fair where Faithful was persecuted for disrespecting the Satan religion of Vanity Fair. “I say, them, in answer to what Mr. Envy hath spoken, I never said aught but this, that what rule, or laws, or custom, or people, were flat against the word of God, are diametrically opposite to Christianity.” (Pg.113) Vanity Fair represents the world system. Christian and Faithful turned away from the vanities and all the other sinful nature in the town. Because Faithful and Christian were worshipping God and not any satanic acts; Faithful was persecuted, however Christian
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