John Cage Is The Epitome Of A Cutting Edge Composer

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John cage is the epitome of a cutting edge composer. This is due to the fact that cage has achieved an appreciation for music which is unmatched by any other composer. Cage enjoys sounds because of their dynamics and their lengths, something other composers usually overlook. This gives him the advantage to compose music in a unique manner; he can make music that is unmatched by others. This is what undoubtedly makes him one of the most influential composers of the 20th century. One significant reason why cage is considered unique is because of his experimentation with unorthodox instruments such as the prepared piano and tape recorder. This was in efforts to break the musical boundaries of traditional music in the west, this style was a change from his traditional musical styles early on in his career, which were more alike to his mentors and followed more of 12-tone style. The ideas brought forward by cage made him more of a philosopher than a composer, he broke the normal role of a composer by encouraging people to focus on sounds rather than music and by promoting eastern philosophies, specifically Zen Buddhism. He has extended his teachings for years to come after his death by publishing many books such as “silence” and “lectures and writings”. Cage always placed an emphasis on the ideas conveyed by his music more than how they sounded, for example cage composed a piece in which the performers are silent, only with ambient sounds in the background. This goes to show…

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