John Calvin Research Paper

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John Calvin Research Paper John Calvin was born in July 10, 1509, Noyon, Picardy, France. He died in May 27, 1564, Geneva, Switz. His education career was a mixture of both theologian and statesman because he study law at the University of Paris. Beside that he also get exposed to Renaissance humanism that influenced by Erasmus and Jacques. Even though Calvin study law but he only do it for his father will, of wanting him to become a lawyer. However, throughout the course of his life, he is primarily focus on Renaissance humanism, influence by Erasmus and Jacques. This is a study that aimed to reform church and society base on classical and Christian antiquity which establish to return the Bible studied to its original language. Under…show more content…
Calvin struggle over control of Geneva come to an end in May 1555 when he finally get everything to settling down. It is reasonable to say that Calvin make a huge contribution in Geneva because he is not only help to reform Geneva. He also plan for it future by training students in humanist learning in preparation for the ministry and position of secular leadership. Beside that, he also carry out any pastoral duties such as preaching, doing many weddings and baptism, and providing spiritual advice to the people (Calvin). Calvin spend the majority of his lifespan in Geneva and make a tremendous impact in Geneva. Without the contribution of Calvin, Geneva would not be able to reform and recover. Calvin is not only play a spiritual role in Geneva, he also exerted his influence in variety of areas of Geneva life such sewage system, the treatment of refuges, medical care, the concerns for the poor, family pattern, entertainment activities, education, and more. He address a variety of social, educational, economic, and religious issues in Geneva. Nobody can talk about Geneva without knowing Calvin contribution to that country because he is so significant to the people of Geneva that the children in that country was being educated about his importance (Mouw).
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