John Calvin 's Contributions Of The Reformation

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John Calvin’s Contributions John Calvin was one of the reformers who would bring reformation to the city of Geneva and help establish the Protestant faith among the community of Geneva and throughout Europe. His strength in the reformation was his ability to organize. John Calvin was a major Contributor as a reformer in Geneva. The Protestants were scattered heavily throughout Europe, and were considered leaders of the Reformation. Calvin’s work in the writing of the Institutes would arouse many throughout Europe and give the Protestants the opportunity to present their faith and views as a church and enabled them to have a voice in Calvin, who was respected for his religious views and the publishing of the institutes. Calvin did not fear the negative attacks the Protestant movement was receiving from other religious figures in the publishing of their literature. Calvin’s strength as a reformer was his brilliance to organize the Ecclesiastical Ordinances within the church that would bring structure among the church and elders. Furthermore, his writings brought structure to the reformation. John Calvin began impacting the Reformation through writing a treatise that would later lead to the publishing of the Institutes of the Christian Religion. These writings discussed Christian faith from the Protestant view point. Being able to elaborate on the Protestant faith was crucial to some, because most of the literature was met with strong attacks. Calvin’s father was part of the

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