John Carter Essay

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Movie marketing is a tricky thing. A movie could be a complete disaster, but if the marketing is done right, the movie will do well. If the movie a delightful, but the marketing is done badly, the movie could bomb and cost the studio a lot of money. I’ve seen it happen a lot over the years. Remember that movie John Carter? That movie cost a LOT of money to produce. I saw the movie since I already read the books and knew from what I saw that it was going to be a fun film to watch, but from a marketing standpoint, and having been a marketing major in college, I knew the movie was going to bomb. Why? No one knew what the hell it was about or who the hell John Carter was.

John Carter is one of the central characters in Edgar Rice Burroughs‘ Barsoom stories. It’s about a Confederate soldier that was transported to Mars. Having been accustomed to Earth’s gravity, he found he was stronger and could jump great distances. Sound familiar? Guess where Superman came from? Yeah. This series started so much, and it should’ve been a surefire hit, but
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Star Wars: The Force Awakens gave audiences the first glimpse a full year before the movie came out with bits and pieces given to them in the middle. Of course they had the marketing tie-ins with all the sodas and potato chips, but those things didn’t really happen until close to the release date. Batman v Superman did this better at the beginning. More than a year before the movie came out, all the Zack Snyder did was show the logo of the Batman emblem covered by the Superman emblem. That made the crown at Comic-Con go insane. The difference here is that J.J. kept the anticipation going by giving the fans tidbits like views of the practical sets and animatronic puppets. They still gave nothing of the plot away, but they gave the fans the sense that he was going back to the old school Star Wars style of using practical
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