John Cheever's The Swimmer

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The setting of “The Swimmer” is in the suburbs, describing the aquatic adventure of Neddy, an energetic and cheerful father and husband. After attending a cocktail party, he decided that he would swim his entire way home through various swimming pools. Through his adventures, the protagonist makes a great discovery that his marriage life is a great lie. The journey from the cocktail party to his home converts him from a vibrant man to an old impoverished man whose life is in a major crisis. As he arrives at his house, he finds his children and wife have abandoned him. Different settings intertwine to showcase the middle class crisis he was experiencing. In this sense, the setting of the story clearly depicts the ignorance that people have. …show more content…
Welcher’s pool being dry establishes a platform that showcases the extent of disruption that he is going through bringing the aspect of the midlife crisis that distracts people lives across the society.
The midlife crises being discusses are experience by those in the age of 40 to 60, with Needy being in this age group. These midlife crises are linked to the period in life when people are generally unsatisfied in the manner they are living their lives (Nydam 9). Depression that is likely to be experienced call for psychotherapy. Furthermore, people at this age group are likely to experience boredom, anger, confusion, unhappiness and a desire to have a change in the manner they live or in their relationships. It is courtesy of these feelings that Neddy catastrophically ended his journey in the swimming pool. It was evident that the journey was characterized by over-indulgence, which can largely be linked to his ending. He obviously was experiencing a financial difficulty that negative dealt a blow to the comfortable lifestyle that he and his family had been used to. His swimming pool voyage in this passage is being used to highlight the situation that is rife in the United States. Millions of Americans currently lead lifestyles they cannot afford to sustain, not giving attention to the way they are living. Their continued
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