John Cole's Illustration Essay

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Although civilians of the Western developed countries are fixated on the profit of entertainment media, John Cole’s illustration creates an understanding of the lack of attention towards starvation, dehumanization, and poverty in under-developed peoples. At first glance, there are very many noticeable points in Cole’s drawing. For example, the man featured in the illustration is holding a newspaper with the main headline saying “‘HUNGER GAMES’ GROSSES $155M OPENING.” The subheadings read “Inside: War, poverty, and genocide.” The way the headline and subheadings are organized allows us to draw parallels to real world issues. The newspaper in the comic supports the idea that the citizens of the Western nations are mainly focused on entertainment and the media and not very…show more content…
There is a speech bubble coming from the man saying “It’s a game?” referring to hunger and the ‘Hunger Games’ headline. We as a developed country feel entertained at the ‘Hunger Games’ when less fortunate people like the refugee in the drawing actually face these issues in reality. The man in the comic can also be compared to a skeleton or dead body. He possesses a cadaver-like skull and extremely bony limbs. He appears extremely malnourished and you can make the inference that his clothing is loose because of the weight he lost from not consuming the nutrients needed to be healthy. We can infer that this man is living in a refugee camp because of the sign in the background and also because of the tent in the image. He may not be receiving the food he needs because we have an understanding of how poor the living conditions can be in these refugee camps. There also appears to be
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