John Crowe Ransom

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John Crowe Ransom’s “Bells for John Whiteside’s Daughter is a classic example of a poem, mourning a death. The title name suggest that the girl was no family member or relative of the poet and was just the daughter of some John Whiteside suggesting that there was no close relation of the poet and the girl. As we go through the poem for the first time it appears to us that it’s a poem about a girl’s past activities who later dies but after several readings and contemplation we come to know that the poet was emotionally attached to the girl, feeling her pain and her loss. It is a 5 stanza poem which moves us from her past to present, from ‘Lightness’ to ‘darkness’. The first stanza is about the reaction of the neighbours while the four stanzas…show more content…
Ransom describes her as a ‘tireless heart ’ because of all the movements and ‘speed’, she has. The metaphorical comparison of ‘dropping the snow’ from goose feathers to the melting snow and then joins the symbolism of death while the ‘green grass’ symbolises life and also the sound effect. Other sounds such as ‘ rod that made them rise’ is also an external force that can never wake the girl up from her sleep like she used to wake up the geese from their ‘noon-apple dreams’. The use of her ‘tireless heart’ is ironic as the girl has passed away. From the girl going after the geese (death) shows that children don’t see death as a bad thing and is
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