John D. Perry 's Will The Real Negros Please Stand Up? Understanding Black Identity Politics

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Marc D. Perry writes “Who Dat?: Race and Its Conspicuous Consumption in Post-Katrina New Orleans” in an attempt to paint out the social and economic state of New Orleans, and how it worsened for African Americans post-Katrina. Judith M. Anderson’s article “Will the Real Negros Please Stand Up? Understanding Black Identity Politics in Buenos Aires, Argentina” calls attention to how the Afro-Argentines are trying to gain recognition for their presence in Argentina. The articles are similar in which that they both illustrate the ongoing obstacles blacks have to face where they are discriminated against, seen as incapable of being successful, and have to deal with white privilege. And although there are contrasts within black identity, most…show more content…
Those who aren’t in the entertainment and tourist attraction business are described as criminals. They aren’t just committing crimes in their own poor or middle class communities but they also commit them in the richer parts of New Orleans as well, where the majority of residents are white. Perry goes on to provide statistics on how New Orleans is one of the most criminalized cities and has one of the highest urban homicide rates in America. Hurricane Katrina took the biggest hit on African Americans. The state put their basic rights and protections on hold and reduced funding on public programs that helped poor and working class African Americans. The “new” New Orleans, as Perry put it, became more dedicated to the white and richer class in which majority of the lost jobs went to white people. However there are some African Americans that have become successful. Some bands from New Orleans have done pretty well and have even gone on tour. The article then goes on to to mention that Indians are also a huge part of Mardi Gras as well. Just like the African Americans who are involved in entertaining, Indians who practice their culture and perform are usually the ones that stay off the streets and out of prison. The article “Will the Real Negros Please Stand up? Understanding Black Identity Politics in Buenos Aires, Argentina” digs deep into understanding the black population of Buenos Aires, Argentina. Argentina used to look to Europe as a framework for their
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