John D Rockefeller 's Legacy Has Impacted American History Essay

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My research paper will consist of how John D Rockefeller’s legacy has impacted American History. John D Rockefeller was the founder of the Standard Oil Company and became not only a major philanthropist, but one of the world’s wealthiest men to live. His company, Standard Oil, controlled about 88 percent of all U.S. refineries and pipelines. Critics often accused him of unethical practices in his business, causing the U.S. Supreme Court to find Standard Oil in violation of anti-trust laws and demanded it to be diminished. Besides the oil business he was involved in, Rockefeller donated approximately 500 million dollars to honorable charities in his lifetime, which also helped start many medical institutions that still stand today. I believe Rockefeller was significant in American history in ways we may not realize. In high school, we were briefly taught about him just enough to know he was one of the richest men alive, but not necessarily his impact on our country. I will provide information on his accomplishments, how we benefit from them, how he became so wealthy, his background and how it affected his actions, and many other things. I hope to prove my beliefs in my research.
Born July 8, 1839 John D Rockefeller was born, the son of a traveling salesman named William A Rockefeller. At the age of 14, he and his family moved to Cleveland, Ohio. This began his expedites on a number of small business ventures, and helped him land his first job at the age of 16, as an assistant

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