John Dalton And His Atomic Theory

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John Dalton did many things in his life. He was most known for his Atomic Theory, Law of Multiple Proportions, Dalton 's Law Partial Pressures, and Daltonism. He had a noble award for Royal Medals. Deborah and Joseph Dalton gave birth to John Dalton on September 6, 1766 at Eaglesfield, Cumberland, England. John was born into a Quaker family. His father was a weaver and his mother stayed at home and help with the cooking, children, laundry, etc. John had two other siblings Mary and Jonathan Dalton. John and Jonathan both grew up colorblind. John attended to Quaker school in Cumberland. After attending to Quaker School he became a teacher there until he went back and spent a year as a farmhand. Then at age 15 he went and joined his brother at Quaker Boarding School in Kendal as an assistant. After 4 years being an assistant he became a principal of the school until 1793. In 1793, John moved to Manchester and became a Math and Philosophy tutor at New College. There he joined the Manchester Literary and Philosophy Society . That granted him lab access which he started writing daily logs about weather, wind velocity, and barometric pressure. When he first moved to manchester he wrote a book called Meteorological Observation and Essays which talked about several of his later on discoveries. John also researched color blindness which he called Daltonism. He researched it due to him and his brother both suffered from this condition since birth. He thought it was hereditary so he…
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