John Deere And Co. Was Originally Founded In 1837 By John

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John Deere and Co. was originally founded in 1837 by John Deere. The company has grown immensely, becoming a world leader in the production of machinery for customers and businesses in agriculture, lawn care, construction, and forestry. John Deere is headquartered in Moline, Illinois and has several lines of products available. Each line offers variations that appeal to individual customers (Yunes, Napolitano, Scheller-Wolf, 2007). John Deere, often referenced with its popular slogan Nothing Runs like a Deere, is a well-established company worldwide with 72 factories scattered across 18 different countries (Nelson, 2002). John Deere and Co. employs over 60,000 people (Taylor, 2014) and their products are available in over 160 countries. It…show more content…
Through the John Deere Gold Key Program, customers are offered the opportunity to tour the manufacturing facility where the machines are built. Buyers can drive their own custom-made machine off the assembly line (Anti Marketing, 2004). Offering numerous variations to customers can be challenging for John Deere and Co. There are some limitations for customizing the product as some combinations are not possible due to compatibility issues (Yunes, et al., 2007). John Deere has invested a large amount of time and funds to ensure resources can be transported to parts and manufacturing centres, suppliers, and dealerships to make customization possible. The delivery of the final product to the customer must be completed in an economical and timely manner. John Deere analysts have visited suppliers, tracked delivery times, determined where bottlenecks exist, and identified ways to control and account for damage incurred during transit. This research has helped John Deere improve operations and has increased the speed of delivery to ensure customization was feasible (Nelson, 2002). Secondly, John Deere has invested in a supply chain management system to manage complex operations. The system includes statistical and risk process controls. This system is crucial to tracking and monitoring the customized products that are being produced (Narasimhan, Schoenherr, & Sandor,

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