John Deere and Complex Parts, Inc.

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Background Deere & Company was founded over 177 years ago in 1837 and since then have grown into a multi billion dollar corporation that has established themselves as the leading manufacturer of farming and forestry equipment. Their products reside in over 110 countries and as of 2013; they employ over 67,000 individuals (Statista, 2014). In 2006 members of John Deere’s supplier evaluation team were discussing a long time supplier, Complex Parts, performance. Over the past year, their service had declined resulting in an unfavorable and less profitable relationship between John Deere and Complex Parts and the supplier evaluation team was tasked with providing a recommended course of action to their project manager within the coming…show more content…
A weighted system is highly valuable in situations where inventory is concerned (Accounting Tools, 2014). Additional weaknesses include an overly complicated rating scale. Even as an accountant with high math skills, I find the scales to be cumbersome and daunting. AEP also fails to acknowledge feedback obtained from their suppliers and in fact doesn’t solicit it. I personally find my personal feedback on performance reviews with my employer to be invaluable, so it’s concerning this has been excluded. Additional criteria that would benefit this analysis is the employment of risk and opportunity committee who would be tasked with evaluating potential risks and opportunities and whether or not they will or have become realized. I also feel that they should incorporate their end users, the customers into this analysis. What are their customers saying about their products and what could be driving those reviews, both good and bad. Listening to your consumers is critical and valuing their input is just as important. Do you think Complex Parts has performed adequately over the past year? Why or why not? Which of the Deere supplier assessment classification should be assigned to Complex Parts? Complex Parts had been a supplier for John Deere for over a decade. Complex Parts was responsible for manufacturing a key part that required significant engineering input and testing and had remained John Deere’s sole

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