John Dewey Impact On Education

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When thinking about all of the many people who made an impact on education, it was hard to just pinpoint one. So many people throughout history have made lasting impressions on school, education and child psychology. From making schools public, to looking at different ways teachers should teach students, to looking at how children learn. All discoveries of people who came before us and made a huge impact on education, which we still see in many schools today. Education is immensely important for a working society, and we have many people to recognize and thank for seeing that importance and making education what it is today. John Dewey is one of many who impacted education greatly. I believe John Dewey made such a big impacted on education because of his different beliefs with how students learned. His revolutionary ideas during his life, that remain fundamentally important to modern schooling today. Dewey had a new philosophy and ideas on how students learn and how teachers should teach. He believed that people learn by doing, and learn from a hands on approach. He also thought for this to be able to happen, students had to interact with their environment to better adapt and learn. Dewey also thought that teachers and students must learn together, which was a very interesting concept to me because I think people, even adults should always be learning. I think John Dewey says it best when he says “Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself.” John
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