John Donne And George Herbert

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John Donne and George Herbert are two metaphysical poets that lived in the United Kingdom around the 17th century. Although they are almost a generation apart in age, both poets showcase an unbelievable amount of comparison in their poems. Each of these poets has written about their life experiences from troubling times to love and compassion. Though they share similar backgrounds, each poet has a unique style that shows a great amount of symbolism, irony and spirituality. The poems Easter Wing, Death Be Not Proud and A Valediction: Forbidding Mourning each have a completely different meaning but the one thing they all share is how they have a strong spiritual sense. In these poems one will see the spirit be able to replenish your sins, allow you eternal life and long lasting commitment. John Donne and George Herbert both used a great amount of metaphor in their poems to help convey a message that they wanted their audience to understand. They used more metaphysical conceits to help give their poems a sophisticated understanding of the comparison between two objects. Herbert used this technique in his poem to compare Adam and his sins and how with God in your life you can overcome it. In Forbidding Mourning Donne compared his relationship with his wife to a compass, while in Death Be Not Proud he compared death the meaning of one’s soul being able to live forever. Although both poets used metaphors and spirituality, the way each of them depicted the subject was
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