John Donne : Metaphysical Poetry

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Metaphysical poetry, a kind of poetry is often expressed by the freshness and energy of its narrative voices. These poems classified in this style have common characteristics include high intellectualized, use rather strange imagery, use frequent paradox and contain extremely complicated thought. When talking about metaphysical poetry, most people usually start with John Donne. John Donne is “one of England’s greatest love poets, and one of the greatest preachers of the 1600s” (“John Donne Poet of God’s love”). He is known as the founder of metaphysical poetry and master of the metaphysical conceit. According to Academy of American Poets depicts, “Donne reached beyond the rational and hierarchical structures of the seventeenth century with his exacting and ingenious conceits, advancing the exploratory spirit of his time” (“John Donne”). Exploring the biography of John Donne, we learn more fully about what he experienced and suffered in his life which surely affected the paradoxes in his poetry. During the course of years in John Donne’s life, he withstood “financial ruin, the destruction of his family, religious persecution, and other plagues” (“John Donne Poet of God’s love”). John Donne was born on the 22 January 1573 in an old Roman Catholic family in London, when anti- Catholic period was develop high in England. His father, also named John, was “the chairman of the shop of London traders of hardware goods. His mother, Elizabeth Heywood, originated from the Catholic
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