John Edgar Hoover Contributions

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Largely due to John Edgar Hoover’s contribution, the Federal Bureau of Investigation today is acknowledged for its organized crime fighting force. As the first director of the FBI, Hoover’s guidance was vital in shaping the Bureau’s image as he integrated technology with modern crime-solving techniques and emphasized the use of surveillance to follow suspected criminals. Many believe Hoover’s greatest accomplishment was becoming the first director of the FBI; however, his most significant feat is how he molded the FBI into an effective organization that during Hoover’s lifetime operated without the supervision of the branches of government. Hoover was born and raised in Washington D.C and had a relatively normal childhood. Hoover was born on January 1, 1895, and raised by Dickerson Hoover and Annie Hoover (Biography). Being raised in Washington D.C played a significant role in Hoover’s life as his parents worked for the government and were exposed to politics at a young age. Being raised close to the nation's capital influenced Hoover to major in law as he saw the opportunities that were available for elected officials. It is possible that if Hoover did not major in law, he would not have pursued politics thus, never becoming the first director of the FBI. Hoover eventually joined the training corps program and continued to refute social norms. More specifically, Hoover joined the Reserve Officers' Training Corps and was vocal in supporting women's rights (Biography). This is important as joining the Officers Training Corps allowed him to develop leadership abilities that he would eventually apply when leading the FBI. Hoover´s willingness to change a precedent will be vital to forming the FBI as Hoover applied new methods on a large scale which made people question his reliability as the first director. Hoover chose to study law in order to be able to enter politics. More specifically, “In 1916, he gained his Bachelor degree in Law...Following year, he attained a Master's degree in Law from the University.”(Biography) Hoover´s law degree enabled him to join the Department of Justice and was assigned to the War Emergency Board. Hoover´s accomplishments eventually lead to him working under Mitchell
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