John Edgar Wideman 's ' The Baby Thrown Into Trash And Dies ' A New Born Baby

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“Whether you think you can or think you can 't, you are right” - Henry Ford. Perspective can change an entire reality for an individual. This is also prevalent in John Edgar Wideman’s “Newborn Thrown In Trash and Dies” as he uses a unique first person perspective to reveal his story. Many thoughts and ideas come to mind when this title is recited, however, this is precisely what transpires in John Edgar Wideman’s short story. In “A Newborn Thrown In Trash and Dies” a new born baby discusses the different phases of a life that could have been. Widman presents his story in the first-person point of view. Wideman expresses events as he is the narrator -a female infant, who is plummeting to her death through a garbage chute. Wideman’s use of the first person point of view enables him to describe the events in the story through his eyes, gaining the trust of the reader, to depict the social issue of child abuse and abandonment. The first-person perspective, as presented in the story, is a vital tool used by John Edgar Wideman to plant a seed in our minds. Wideman’s use of first-person perspective, not only allows him to explain his story as the narrator, but also enables him to provoke an argument that is viewed through his perspective. The instigation of evoking thought is possible because we eventually trust Wideman, such as trusting him in the belief that "You begin and right in the eye of that instant storm your life plays itself out for you in advance" (Wideman 570).…
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