John Edward's Sermon, Damned If You Do, Damned If You Don’t Essay

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In the eyes of God, we are all sinners. July 8, 1741, John Edwards preached to his congregation that no matter what we do, God would send us to hell unless we spill our blood on the cross. Edwards’s sermon was one of the most pivotal, volatile, and stirring sermons that set the standard for hellfire and brimstone sermons. Edwards’s describes all of us as sinners and how our lives lay perilously in god’s angry hands. To this day, we still have pastors preaching hellfire and brimstone sermons. While 272 years separate John Edwards from modern day pastors, we can still see the ever-lasting correlation that is derived from John Edwards in modern day pastors. Edwards describes hell as being the most horrific place and how no one is immune from…show more content…
That question weighs on everyone’s mind. What do I do: stop drinking, stop having martial affairs, stop sitting at home watching the pregame football shows and go to church. From John Edwards’s time to now, we all have different views on heaven, on hell, and sinning. But John Hagee says, “We must spill our blood on thy cross to be saved by Jesus Christ and almighty God (Hagee).” What the hell does that mean John Hagee? No matter what I do, no matter what I say. I’m still bound to the fiery wells of hell. I mine as well live my life to the fullest, drink and hang out with Jack Daniels, Johnny Walker, and Jose Cuervo, enjoy my time with my wife and kids, and watch football on Sundays. Why should I let fear have a hold on me? In the end, we all end up in some place weather its heaven or hell. Today’s pastors have the same format and the same connection that John Edwards’s had 272 years ago. Prime example is Pastor Charles Lawson preaching. Charles Lawson preaches with immense intensity to capture your soul. He yells at the top of his lungs, and raises his hand and tells his congregation, “You must embrace God or you will go to hell (Lawson).” Lawson brings up recent events such as deaths in the community. Just like Edwards brought up about your kin dying unexpectedly, Lawson brings up how any day could be your day of judgment. Bringing up recent events and unexpected death gives you since of connection with yourself and death. Do you want God to judge
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