Essay on John Ernst Steinbeck II: A Brief Biography

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In American literature there have been or still are many good writers. John Steinbeck is one of those whose name is still towards the top of the list of great American authors. Steinbeck grew up during some tough times, he lived through the Great Depression, The Dust Bowl and World War II. These events only made him a stronger writer because of the horrendous outcome they had on America. Born on February 27th, 1902 in Salinas, California John Ernst Steinbeck II came into a very happy lifestyle family. Steinbeck really enjoyed the fertile land in salinas, and he grew to appreciate it as he grew older. Steinbeck grew up with two older sisters (Elizabeth and Esther) and younger sister (Mary). His father was the treasurer of Monterey…show more content…
Since the writing of "Cup of Gold" Steinbeck has written countless other books that have grown very popular. He has written countless other novels, novellas and play writes. His last book he was able to write was "America and Americans" which was a photographic book about American life in 1966, included were essays written by himself at the time. John Steinbeck was married to Carroll Henning in 1930 and they were divorced in 1942, he then married his second wife, Gwyndolyn Conger in 1943 and they had two sons, Thomas Steinbeck and John Steinbeck IV, they were later divorced in 1948, and then he finally married his third wife, Elaine Anderson Scott in 1950 and was with her until his death in 1968. His eldest son Thomas was a writer as well, he was drafted into the armed forces and fought over in Vietnam, which inspired him to become a journalist and photographer. His youngest son, John VI, was an American author and journalist as well. He was also drafted into the war and had to go serve over in Vietnam. He passed away on February 7, 1991 during a surgery to fix his ruptured disk. In Steinbeck 1962 was awarded the Noble Prize in Literature, it was awarded to him, "for his realistic and imaginative writings, combining as they do sympathetic humour and keen social perception". He received this prize mainly because of his writings were about rural America and social and economic issues during the Dust Bowl, The Great Depression and

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