John F. Kennedy: A Brief Summary

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On May 29, 1917 John Fitzgerald Kennedy was born. At age three he caught the disease the scarlet fever. The scarlet fever died. When he got the disease he had to stay away from his parents because it was contagious. Growing up john and his older broth Joe loved to race on their bikes. So one get 28 stiches. Also the Kennedy’s loved to play football, and all the kids who would watch got to play. Later when John served in world war 2 he was chosen as captain of PT-109. PT-109 is a plane that drops bombs to destroy things. Also when John was on a mission he saved a person who was about to drowned John saved him and using his teeth he snatched the person’s zipper and swam him back to shore. When John was 36 years old he married a women named
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