John F Kennedy And The Cuban Missile Crisis

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The whole world watching one little island in the middle of the ocean with tensions high, scared of who is going to push the big red button first that destroys the world , a popular movement regarding race and equality is becoming the Nations most diverse topic and finally a program to help foreign countries recruit their younger generations. John F Kennedy was involved with every action and needed leadership skills to help the nation move forward. John F Kennedy was a hero because he successfully negotiated with the Soviet Union during the Cold War specifically during the Cuban Missile Crisis in addition to establishing the Peace Corps with his brother-in-law Sargent Shriver then following with support for civil rights. The Cuban Missile Crisis started on October 16, 1962. At the time the dictator Fidel Castro was developing a relationship with the Soviet Union. Previously, Castro visited the United States to help establish a foreign relationship with the U.S only to be denied by the president. Vice President Richard Nixon had to step in to greet Castro at the White House. Cuba was in a deep economic turmoil and desperately needed foreign aid to help its people. The Soviet Union was willing to help out but not without a price; establishing a commercial and diplomatic relationship ( Walters) . The Soviet Union and its communism beliefs was inching closer to the United States until it was at their door step. In addition the Soviet Union developed 50 megaton nuclear
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