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John F. Kennedy The election of 1959/1960 was one of the closest fought elections of all time. Although this sounds like a good thing it is not as this means that just under half of the American voting population did not want Kennedy to be president of America and this was a an image and credit problem for Kennedy. The main reason that Kennedy got into power was because of the black population. He promised his black voters a civil rights policy and an end to poverty and segregation. The main problem that he faced on these fronts was his own party. Kennedy's party was opposed to spending money on pretty much anything as later he would find out especially spending money on the black community…show more content…
John F Kennedy's brother Robert Kennedy (Attorney General) was waging war on the mafia especially on the big mafia bosses that had taken a stranglehold on the poverty stricken parts of the states and because of this the mafia had vowed revenge " if you remove a dogs tail the head will bite you but if you remove a dogs head the tail will die to. " Often the mafia are connected with the killing of JFK because of statements like this that were made. Kennedy Coursework Assignment ============================= 4. After JFk's death his reputation grew immensely for many different reasons. The first and one of the biggest reasons in my view was because of the presidents that cam after him. After Kennedy came LBJ although at first LBJ was not a bad president start of with as he used his ' honeymoon' period well to finish Kennedy's work his downfall was the Vietnam War. Although LBJ did not bring the USA into the war it was seen as his war. This led to his resignation due to the failure of the war and the number of young Americans that died in the war. The following president was Nixon and at the outset he was not a bad president either and was looking for peace, but in the end the truth came out and so did the truth about the Watergate scandal.

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